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Tried Everything and Nothing Works?

Do you find yourself struggling with chronic health issues? Perhaps you are frustrated because you have tried everything offered in the current medical system and nothing works. We see each person as an individual who has specific health needs. Detailed information is gathered during the initial meeting, so all the pieces of the puzzle can be examined and a treatment plan put into place. Why do we do it this way? First - it's the way it should be done, right from the beginning. Second - with more than 25 years of experience in the medical field before entering the natural treatment field, we have a clear understanding of how things are done in Western medicine and we do not want to follow their model of patient treatment. There is a better way! The patient experience should be customized to their specific needs.

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Finding the Root Cause of the Problem

We provide natural, holistic treatments - sometimes in combinations to achieve the best outcome for the patient. We use Acupuncture, Hypnosis, and CranioSacral Therapy with a Functional Medicine approach. Listening to our patients allows us to better serve their needs. (a novel idea, huh? ) Sometimes it is necessary to dig a little deeper to find out the actual root cause of the issue and that's exactly what we do. 

“After just one visit my son felt a little better.  Just a glimmer of hope with that one visit was such a great feeling!”

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Teenager with Functional Dyspepsia

My son was diagnosed with Gastro-Intestinal (GI) problems at age 14 – after suffering for a few years prior to that. The diagnosis is Functional Dyspepsia (FD). A Specialist told us they did everything possible but were unable to offer any more assistance – with expectations that my son will outgrow the problem. I am extremely grateful for the work that Greg has been able to offer my son. After just 1 visit my son felt a little better. Just a glimmer of hope with that one visit was such a great feeling! My son’s symptoms before sometimes lasted up to 5 days – now he rarely has any discomfort. The skills he has learned with Greg are for life – and we couldn’t be happier!!

T. MacDonald - Tecumseh, Ontario

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Smoke Free STILL GOING STRONG!  You did what you promised!

I have been an off and on casual smoker most of my life until I married and had children.  I was always able to have the occasional cigarette whenever I chose then not smoke again for years, so I always knew that it was my CHOICE to smoke an occasional cigarette, but never allowed myself to become hooked - or so I thought. Until there came a time I was not able to stop and I became a full-time smoker from work stress and that was my “go-to”.  Since I didn’t drink or have any other outlet I felt that I should be afforded the comfort of smoking if I felt like it.  That is until it became taboo and people felt ostracized by society if they smoked. I felt embarrassed if anyone could smell smoke on my and most of all I felt like I was “hooked” and could NOT let it go even when I tried to.  I tried everything.  To feel like I didn’t have that choice anymore just took so much out of my life and I needed to find help to quit.  Most of all, my older sister suffered for 5 years with cancer and it took her life in the end, so I HAD to get this under control. I did manage to quit cold turkey on my own for about 5 years and had no cravings to touch a cigarette, but then I thought I was safe after not smoking for so many years.  One time, when I was out with friends, I ended up smoking a cigarette.  I was worse off and smoking more in a day than I ever had before.  I was truly hooked!

Then I found Greg at Time to Heal.  A friend of mine told me he had been hypnotized some 20 years ago to stop smoking and hadn’t smoked since, so I called through the phone book.  I found 3 and out of all 3, Greg was the only one (yes, the only one) who called me back himself on a Saturday (not the secretary) and asked me the questions he needed to know to make my plan to stop smoking once and for all.  I told Greg that he was my last hope and I know this sounds dramatic but I was at the end of my rope to quit because the more I tried on my own, the worse I was getting hooked!  I told him that if I didn’t do it this time with his help, I would feel completely defeated and not have the confidence to feel like I could quit again if he couldn’t help me.  I felt so alone against a problem that I found was impossible to solve - to quit smoking once and for all.  We spoke at great length and I offered all info to help my situation, as to why I liked smoking (I thought it would make me relax), why I didn’t like to smoke, why it upset me to be hooked, when I turned to cigarettes and what I had tried to do to quit.  I told him everything I could think of because that gave Greg the inside track into my mind so he could find the triggers to get me to stop smoking.  I really couldn’t believe how much time Greg spent analyzing why I smoked and how patient he was.  He explained just how addictive cigarettes are and I soon realized I had turned to the right person.  I was so fortunate fate brought me to get in touch with Greg.  Many other friends of mine have gone other places and they have gone back to smoking but, I am still free of this awful problem years later and feeling without a doubt that I will NEVER put a cigarette to my mouth again.  It is such a foreign habit now and I truly do not remember the feeling of smoking.  I am still in awe every time I’m around a chain smoker and I feel absolutely NO URGE to smell it.  I can’t even remember smoking a cigarette in my past, it seems like it was someone else.

So Greg, you did what I asked you to do - I get nauseous when I smell cigarette smoke - it is disgusting.  It feels so good to be free of that habit.  I can never thank you enough.  Plus, you gave me the ability to relax faster when the time presents itself by using the techniques you taught me.  Getting into a deep spot where I can get inner peace quite easily and on limited time.

Thanks Greg!

Christine M. - Real Estate Agent - Windsor, Ontario

I first came to see Greg after suffering with pain for years due to plantar fasciitis. In deciding to proceed with acupuncture treatments, I first had to overcome my extreme fear of needles.

Thanks to Greg’s gentle, kind and compassionate care, I was able to cope with the acupuncture treatments and my plantar fasciitis was eliminated and has not bothered me since.

Subsequent to this I have also had other issues with joint pains which he also treated successfully.

Liz Philp - Windsor, Ontario

I had a wonderful experience having hypnosis sessions with Greg.  He is professional and really knows how to get to the root of the problem.  Before going to Greg, I would fall into depression and always compare myself to others.  Now I am able to live life fully with no regrets and with confidence in myself and my decisions.

L. Reaume - Windsor, Ontario

My 19 year old daughter has suffered with severe anxiety and some depression since she was 10 years old. She experienced social anxiety, avoided crowds and new situations. She also had a huge needle phobia. We have tried many counselors and different therapies over the years, including medication.

Despite all of our efforts she still struggled. I have seen the confidence in my daughter grow. Her anxiety is much more manageable now, she has been willing to try new things that she never would have done a year ago.

Greg is kind, caring and compassionate with his clients. I would highly recommend his services if you are suffering from similar issues. It really does make a difference!

K. Stone - Tilbury, Ontario


Gregory J. Gurniak

Owner / Practitioner


Clinical and Medical Hypnotist

Ordained Metaphysical Minister

End of Life Ambassador (Doula)

Experience and  Volunteering

As a Radiation Therapist, I was a member of the Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences (OAMRS). This association is made up of Diagnostic Imaging Technologists, CT and MRI Technologists, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Ultrasonographers and Radiation Therapists. I served the medical imaging community by volunteering for the association and eventually becoming a member of the Board of Directors. My time with the OAMRS was a valuable learning experience as I held a variety of Board positions including Chair of the Board and President of the Association.

I am the proud recipient of the Volunteer Service Award recognized by the Province of Ontario for my volunteer work.

Persistence and Dedication

Often dealing with challenging health issues which have frustrated patients in the past has shown me that it is possible to achieve relief, however it takes persistence and patience to attain the desired result. In the age of instant everything, patients must understand the treatments are effective, they simply need time to allow the body to respond in the appropriate manner. An example of someone who has gained forty pounds over a 25 year period expects to significantly reduce their weight over a few weeks. It's not realistic. It's equally not realistic for someone suffering with pain for 20 years to expect to have complete relief in one or two treatments. It took 20 years for your body to align itself to a new normal and expecting it to re-align itself in a week or two is not a reasonable expectation. The body is amazing and will eventually change to function the proper way. All I ask is for patients to stay the course and understand the changes occurring within the body are small and each treatment builds on the previous treatment which eventually gets us to our goal - helping you feel better. It's Time to Heal ... call us now to begin your healing journey!

In the community

Active in the area, providing information, teaching and volunteering.

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