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Grief and Loss During the Holidays

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Struggling with the Loss of a Loved One During the Holidays?

The Holidays are a special time of year marked by gatherings with family and friends.  The Holidays may be a very difficult time for those struggling with the death of a loved one.  Painful reminders emphasize their sense of loss such as traditions that are somewhat altered or perhaps an empty space at the dinner table.

Loss does not always mean the death of a loved one.  For some, it may mean dealing with the loss of a job – resulting in a difficult change in income.  It could include divorce, accident or illness, relocation or some significant life change.  Getting through the Holidays can be quite challenging.

The feelings of loss of a loved one can be caused in many ways, death, relocating, divorce, or even distancing due to a family argument.  The loss seems magnified during the Holiday Season as constant reminders continuously resurface with shopping, movies, advertising, television shows all recreating what is supposed to be a happy time with family harmony.  Invitations to social events and Holiday parties can be painful.  Establishing healthy boundaries can be extremely difficult.

Job Loss around the Holidays can be very difficult, as the expectation to exchange gifts, cook and entertain surfaces more than at any other time of year.  Even baking cookies costs money!  Adult children often move back in with their parents or parents move in with their children – and that can be quite challenging!

Pets are like family because they are with us on a daily basis.  They are companions who warm our hearts and share our living space.  Whether we are in a good or bad mood, our pets love us unconditionally.  The loss of a pet is a deep loss in our hearts and is especially a sad reminder during the Holiday Season.

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