Hypnosis and weight loss

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A short time ago, I had the opportunity to be interviewed about hypnosis and weight loss. The interesting thing was the journalist was not able to divulge the magazine in which the article would appear.  She could only say it was a major national publication.  Once the article had been published she would be able to send me the link.  Well … I received the link … and the article is in …


The Oprah Magazine”.   Yes, it is in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine!

Many people are familiar with diets and have used them as a way to lose weight.  Unfortunately, most of them end up yo-yo dieting.  They diet and lose weight, gain it back and then some, start a new fad diet and achieve the same rinse and repeat results.  This process happens over and over. Hypnosis seems to be a last resort, whereas changing their behaviour is what they are seeking with the diets they follow, however they are not getting to the root cause of their behaviour in their subconscious mind.  This is where hypnosis comes in.  Hypnosis is effective for changing behaviour.

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Misconceptions of What a Hypnotist Does and Is Capable of Doing

Hypnotists are capable of providing some very remarkable results for people dealing with difficult health issues and seem to be portrayed by some people, as well as some in the medical community, as for entertainment purposes only.  In fact, hypnosis is often used as a compliment to dietary counseling to help reinforce programs outlined by dietitians for various conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart patients and obesity.  Even cancer patients can use hypnosis to help increase their appetite if needed.

Hypnosis is not dangerous or bad for your health.  In fact, the opposite is true.  You cannot be stuck in hypnosis or made to say or do something against your will.  If it goes against your personal values or beliefs you simply will not act on the information being given during trance.  In my practice, I am able to conduct sessions in person at the office or over the computer, so it doesn’t matter where the person is located, they can still benefit from hypnosis.

Diets and diet pills tend to treat the symptom and not the actual root cause thus rendering them ineffective. Hypnosis helps to overcome cravings, overeating, stress and anxiety.  Diets can be very rigid and difficult to maintain.  Instead people are turning to hypnosis as a fat melting alternative.


Who Is An Ideal Candidate for Weight Loss Hypnosis?

Ideal candidates are those who wish to reduce their weight and improve their physical shape.  Hypnosis is used to modify or change behaviours and is particularly helpful to make better eating choices and perhaps provide motivation to increase physical activity.

Most people want to be healthy and have difficulty sticking to a healthy program.  Those who have difficulty following a healthy diet and exercise program, where negative habits and excess weight persist, have a subconscious problem.  The agenda of the subconscious mind is different than that of the conscious mind causing conflict that sabotages the best of programs.  Hypnosis addresses both the conscious and subconscious to reduce the negative habits and reinforce proper eating and exercise habits.

People who are considered “obese” or “morbidly obese” sometimes seek gastric bypass surgery in an attempt to reduce their weight.  Not everyone is considered to be a candidate for such surgery.  Anyone facing this challenge of being denied are viable candidates for my “Shrink Your Stomach” program.

The overall goal when it comes to weight loss using hypnosis is the improved health of the individual. Each may have very personal reasons for their decision to reduce their weight such as reduced joint pain, improved sleep, improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decreased risk of heart related events and overall improved feelings of well-being.  

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What Makes Hypnosis Different from Other Weight Loss Methods?

Hypnosis is different because it uses the power of the mind to change behaviours and understand the person’s actions from a different point of view.  It can assist someone to make better, healthier eating choices, reduce cravings and have overall feelings of satisfaction.  Hypnosis helps to improve confidence and self-esteem which are motivators to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Emotional eating can be assisted with hypnosis by improving confidence, increasing motivation and encouraging the mind to think about a positive lifestyle rather than food all the time.  It helps to manage anxiety, stress and cortisol levels as well as helps the person take control over food.

Sometimes life events or circumstances may contribute to excess weight and are dealt with using various processes to help heal the mind.  In this way, the subconscious mind understands those events of the past no longer need to affect the person moving forward. My method does not require the person to re-live the negative events in order to heal those events. Instead the event can be dealt with in a manner that allows the person to have no ill effects recalling it yet heals it and allows their mind to give them the freedom to release the previous negative event and move on through the rest of their life without it affecting them anymore.

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