Pregnancy and Childbirth



With this program you can:

  • Quick, Natural and Comfortable Delivery
  • Eliminate Tension, Anxiety and Fear
  • Pain and Discomfort can be Eliminated
Pregnancy and Childbirth - Time to Heal

Easy, Natural Childbirth

Wouldn’t it be great to have your baby quickly, naturally and comfortably?  It is possible to have this kind of experience using a special process of deep relaxation that can be incorporated with the childbirth method of your choice.

Anxiety, tension and fear are the most common factors that contribute to long and uncomfortable deliveries.  Relaxation in a vertical or semi-vertical position allows the baby to slip easily and naturally down the birth canal utilizing the natural forces of gravity.

Eliminating anxiety, tensions and fears throughout the pregnancy as well as during the delivery can result in a baby that is very calm and relaxed following the birth which means it sleeps well and has a generally placid personality.

Eliminate Tension

Tension itself can be the cause of pain.  The mother and baby have their own complex internal communication system.  The baby will experience whatever mother thinks or feels so tension and anxiety can complicate the natural process of childbirth.

In a natural process like childbirth discomfort can be eliminated or greatly diminished by learning deep relaxation.  There is no discomfort involved in doubling up your fist, which is a normal muscle contraction.  The uterus is one of the largest muscles in the female body and just because it contracts does not mean that sensation has to be experienced as painful but rather a simple hardening of the muscle that brings that new love into your life quickly and easily.  Even most first-time mothers will experience deliveries on the order of 1-4 hours using deep relaxation.

With the aid of a professional trained in deep relaxation for childbirth, you can easily learn how to apply these techniques at work, home or in the hospital.  Deep relaxation is very beneficial for both mother and child throughout pregnancy and highly indicated during the delivery.


Mothers Report the following experiences:

  • Relief from morning sickness
  • Relief from low back pain and other discomforts due to body changes during pregnancy
  • Relief of headaches and other pain that cannot be treated with medications during pregnancy
  • Shortened delivery time
  • Decrease or eliminate the need of pain medication during labour and delivery
  • Your partner can participate in a joyful birthing experience free of worry, fear and anxiety
  • An immediate bonding with your baby before it is born

Relaxation ... 

Deep relaxation or hypnosis is like daydreaming.  You feel relaxed, drowsy and comfortable, while at the same time you are very aware of what is going on around you.  You can ask and answer questions, follow instructions and hear your newborn baby’s cry.

Relaxation is the goal of hypnotic childbirth.  With relaxation comes a feeling of self-control, confidence, security, contentment and well-being.  Hypnosis can help you relax during both pregnancy and delivery.

A professional trained in hypnotic childbirth acts as a guide to suggest and outline the course you wish to follow to attain relaxation of your body and mind.

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