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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has proven to be very effective in helping people remove negative blocks that have been holding them back from achieving their goals, be it personal or business.  A certified hypnotist can guide the client into a comfortable level of relaxation that leads to heightened focus and awareness in order to release and clear those old negative patterns that have been inhibiting them in some way.

The subconscious mind can be compared to a computer.  It stores everything that an individual experiences, both negative and positive, however it would be too much information to be viewed on the computer screen at one time. When guided to do so, the subconscious computer as we call it, can be directed to do a “file search” and can bring up those files that shed light and understanding as to the presenting issue that one would like to resolve.

Through this process we can work through issues, having the client seeing them from a better perspective, reframing old negative situations into positive experiences.

When an experience occurs, the memory is stored in the files of the Subconscious mind along with the emotions and moods existing at that time.  Some of these memories are so wrapped up in emotion that they become frozen in time.  For example, if a person was extremely frightened by something as a small child, their negative emotional response could have been buried without the benefit of logic or reason. The experience is frozen in time as the client continues to respond in certain present situations as he/she did at the time that the negative experience was created.  While one is an hypnotic state, the intensity of painful past experiences can be modified and reduced in intensity.  The client can be relieved from the recurring emotions when associated events are recognized.  Logic and reason are then employed to change the undesirable perception of the experience in order to remove negative reactions and restore harmony and control within the client.  The negative response is then released and cleared so that a favourable resolution replaces the negative perception.  Since the Subconscious mind sees and understands by way of pictures and symbols, it can then accept the new scenario as true and can react accordingly.

When one is in a state of hypnosis, they experience a heightened state of focus and awareness through which one is relaxed, yet aware at the same time.  Hypnosis is very interesting because everything that we experience is stored in the files of the subconscious mind, along with our feelings and thoughts, beliefs that we formed and decisions that were made.  All of this information is there, ready to be accessed at the appropriate time.  Hypnosis has proven to be very effective in helping people heal the limitations of the past.  Through this process, clients are empowered to live a more productive life in the present, thereby effecting their future in a positive way.

Facts About Being in Hypnosis

  • You cannot be hypnotized if you don’t want to be
  • You are not going to blurt out any deep, dark secrets under hypnosis
  • You are always in control and cannot be made to do things you don’t want to do
  • You always have the choice to accept or reject any suggestions given to you in hypnosis
  • You cannot get stuck in hypnosis – you can stop it or leave it at any time
  • You are not asleep – you are very aware of yourself and your surroundings at all times
  • You will remember everything you choose to remember about the session

10 Ways Hypnosis Could Help You

Hypnosis is used to treat a range of problems, from the apparently trivial to more serious medical issues.  The ten most common ones are …

1.  Phobias:

Phobias are treated by zooming in on a memory and disturbing it, so the reaction to that memory is altered from an unpleasant one to a more indifferent one.

2.  Smoking:

Helping a person to stop smoking is a similar process to treating a phobia, however the person has to want to quit.

3.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):

IBS can be triggered by stress and anxiety.  Treatment focuses on relaxation and confidence.

4.  Stress:

There is no doubt daily life can be stressful; hypnosis focuses on helping people to feel like they are making choices under pressure, rather than being backed into a corner.

5.  Confidence:

This is one of the big issues I deal with.  It often incorporates fear of public speaking and fear of failure. Hypnosis is a great way of dealing with these issues.

6.  Anger Management:

Hypnosis deals with this by helping a person move from an angry reaction to mere annoyance or concern, more ‘normal’ reactions.

7.  Weight and Shape Management:

A lot of people come to me for this.  They put themselves on rigid diets and take all-or-nothing attitudes. However, hypnosis helps people to adopt new attitudes towards food and exercise, rather than simply fighting their cravings.

8.  Insomnia:

People with insomnia can be stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle.  They predict the worst before they go to bed.  Before their head even hits the pillow, they expect not to sleep, so they don’t.  Hypnosis helps them to reprogram that way of thinking.

9.  Pain Management:

This is used for childbirth, dental procedures or when a person has an operation coming up.  It works by setting up an imaginary ‘pain dial’ and helping the person to teach themselves to ‘turn it down’ when they wish.

10.  Stammering:

Like insomnia or blushing, a stammerer predicts the worst before they open their mouth, so that’s exactly what happens.  Again, it’s about reprogramming that way of thinking.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Many topics for hypnosis often require 4 to 8 sessions.  Sessions for weight reduction and other more complex issues will require more regular ongoing sessions.

What are the Advantages of Telephone / Internet Sessions?

More Effective

Telephone/Internet sessions have all the best features of office sessions, however none of the drawbacks as you will see below.  A better session results because you are more relaxed and open to suggestions since you are comfortable in your own home.

Comforts of Home

Having the ability to relax in your own home or office, without any discomfort or vulnerability of having your eyes closed while sitting in front of a complete stranger.  In your own personal space, you are able to relax and open your mind to all the possibilities of change.

Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotist

Greg Gurniak is certified in both Clinical and Medical Hypnosis.  He has a background in the medical field as a Radiation Therapist (cancer care) and offers a balanced perspective between traditional medical treatments and natural holistic treatments (hypnosis, acupuncture, reiki, etc.)

Save Time and Money

By not having to battle traffic in order to get to the office on time for an appointment, you can arrange for an appointment in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time for you.