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With this program you can:

  • Easily and Comfortably Stop Smoking
  • Quick - just two (2) sessions
  • Take Back Your Control
Stop Smoking - Quit Smoking
What to Expect

Two (2) private sessions - each session is approximately 1.5 hours.  You receive personalized attention because our sessions are one-on-one. (in person or online)

The sessions are scheduled about one week apart.  The second session is your Stop Smoking Day, so you are allowed to smoke between the first and second session - if you choose. 

More detailed information, along with a video explaining all the program details can be found here.

“Smoke Free STILL GOING STRONG! Thank You so much Greg! You did what you promised! CURED!”

“I am in awe still every time I’m around a chain smoker and I feel NO urge to smoke when I smell it. I can’t even remember ever smoking a cigarette, it seems like it was someone else. And you did what I asked - I get nauseous when I smell it - just disgusting. It feels so good to be free of that habit. I can never thank you enough. Plus, you gave me the ability to relax faster when the time presents itself by using the techniques you taught me. Getting into a deep spot where I can get inner peace quite easily and on limited time. Thanks Greg!”

Christine Moretto

take back your control

Get your health on track with our Quit Smoking Program.

You can be on your way to better health quickly, easily and naturally.

Learn techniques to easily and comfortably transition to being a non-smoker.  

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